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Energy Coaching - Sebastian Ries


Mentoring & Teaching 

I also offer mentoring programs and i teach clearing modalities over weeks and months to other coaches and practitioners, where I share the techniques that work for me which are easy and go deep into the root cause. So you can be a better coach. More info on the page "prices"

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Are you ready to transform your life?

Sebastian is a passionate holistic coach, practitioner, teacher and mentor. His specialty is to get to the root causes fast and safe. Thats why his clients have amazing and lasting transformations. He has 5 years experience in the natural and alternative health field. He is using the Emotioncode and Mindflow method. 2 amazing clearing systems that allow to get rid of emotional and physical blocks.


Before that he was in the physiotherapy school but then through a near death experience he was called to pursue Energy Coaching where his highest excitement and his soul purpose lies. Through personal studying of Ayurveda he gained lots of knowledge on healthy living. He has extensive knowledge when it comes to spirituality, personal development, supplements and diet.


Besides that he loves to express himself through Brazilian couple dance Zouk, cooking Ayurvedic food, traveling, hiking and singing.


How does that work / What is that?

I help kids, adults and animals to get rid off their emotional baggage and physical pain. Imagine you carry a big bag with you all the time thats draining your energy. We will put that bag down with that work and then you can walk without it more freely and your body can heal itself!

It is very important to me that you know that I am not healing you, I am just helping you so you can let go of your blocks yourself. We can only heal our own, not someone else. With clearing the blocks the body gets the missing energy back then can use that energy to heal itself.

 Its all about getting the client back into their self-responsibility. I work with kinesiology and test your subconcious mind with the finger test. Its similar to a pendulum where we can ask questions so we are led to the root causes of the problem. We release the problems easy, without having to relive them. 

I can help with the following symptoms:

To be honest i can help with anything because emotional / energetic blocks are in every topic but i helped many people with the following issues:

- Anxiety / Depression / Unsettled 

- Back pain or other pain in the body

- Psycho and neurological conditions

- Sleep disorder / Hormonal imbalances

- Tiredness / feeling drained / Low Energy

- Addictions / Burnout / Stress 

- Block finding a partner or friends

- Intolerances / Allergies

- Blocks finding yourself in career & private life

- Family problems / Relationship issues

- Lack of self worth & self love


energyhealing sebastianries

Misty Pisten

Find your inner balance.

"My heart is at ease knowing that what is meant for me, will never miss me, and that which misses me was never meant for me."

- Bob Marley -

What people say about me

Silvia Frederick

The amount of energy I felt after my session with Sebastian was indescribable at first. I felt like a whole new being, having shed some old, thick skin that was holding me back from expressing my highest feelings of love and joy, within my heart. I felt as though the sky had cleared, and I could finally feel everything, especially towards the people I loved. I had not felt this for so long in my life, and to be honest, felt so defeated in life, day to day. I was always ready to give in to life, because things had been so hard for me, and I struggled so much to connect to my heart. Of course, I have had many sessions with healers who had such esteemed gifts, but I just had never experienced the kind of high and connection I felt after this initial session with him. I truly appreciate his ability to detect the most hidden and the most specific imbalances within me. 

I had pain in my abdominal area that had been going on for about two weeks. When Sebastian was working and finding out what was causing the pain and releasing the underlying issue, the pain moved to my back. After the work, the pain began to subside / decrease. But the next day the pain was gone, only a little discomfort left, and it disappeared in a few days.

I my self am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Emotional and Body Code therapist plus Reiki Master teacher. Sometimes we therapists  need help from others, even though we can do a lot for ouerselves. I live in Iceland and Mr. Sebastian lives in Germany. Distance doaes not matter.

Dear Sebastian, thanks so much for  your help, i am eternally grateful to you. 

love and light Runel 

Runel Guomundsdottir

Shannon Röder

Sebastian came to earth, to heal and to make it a better place. very professional work... i feel, things go their way.. better relationship to my son... and i am still working with Sebastian

Chris Chimbers

I highly recommend Sebastian. He has great energy and is very intuitive 

Katie Cunningham

Thank you Sebastian Rs for your time and energy. I appreciate you. Very cool that you were able to identify a tooth issue, wich i am aware of and working on presently! Looking forward to trying the recommendation to see if i feel a shift going forwards. Many thank.

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